Is Online Poker Safe?

On Sep 12, 2016,  1:54 pm   by CPW

Online poker safe or not?

There are many players out there thinking a lot about this question. Therefore, let’s study the topic together and find quick answers!

Online Poker is an established business with many large companies offering online poker games. 888poker started in 2002 and is still trading as one of the largest online poker sites.

Today, the vast majority of the largest casinos, bookmakers and betting companies offer online poker, giving players worldwide plenty of choice when searching for a safe online poker site.

One of the key concerns of most online poker players is safety, and it is often questioned “Is Online Poker Safe?“.

We have researched the current online poker market, to find out what the major concerns are amongst players, to find out if online poker is really safe in 2016.

Top Tips for Safe Online Poker

  1. Use a well-known and trusted poker site
  2. Research a site while you sign up for an account
  3. Use a secure password for your online account, and don’t the same password you use for any other sites
  4. Don’t reveal your real-life identity, physical address or any other personal information to any online players
  5. Use a site which promotes responsible gambling and refers to its regulation membership number
  6. Use a poker site which is operated by a company with a licence to operate in online gambling. Sites operating without a licence are illegal.

Author: CPW

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