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If you’re into poker too and you’re looking for a fun article with some interesting insights about gambling, then this article is written especially for you. Today we’ll be uncovering some interesting facts about your favorite game and why you should play poker online for fun, so stay tuned!

First of all, poker is said to be one of the most competitive games out there but at the same time a source of income and wealth for so many. The secrets of their success can lay in some of the most simple facts about poker. Some say that if you overlook the first things that pushed you toward poker – that is to say, having fun, then you can be positive you’re too far away from getting the right answers.

Roll the dice!

Did you know these things? Check out our list and find out some key facts about gambling.

  • The first casino: 1638

Although today you can find casinos everywhere in Europe and not only, the first casino ever opened was in Italy. Back then, the place was known as a place for summer and leisure activities. But this was only the beginning of a multi-billion industry.

  • How was the game of poker called initially?

As you can guess the initial name of the game was not the one we know today, but instead, it was called ‘poque’ by the French in New Orleans. After years, people found it easy to name it ‘poker’. From another point of view, the origins of the game are said to be the game of Dominos together with some combinations of cards. Awkward, right?

More facts about poker games

  • Only 20 cards

At the beginning, poker was played only with 20 cards and 4 players. Every player received 5 cards and had to bet on whom had the best hand at the table.

  • Play online poker for fun!

As any other game, poker was created for entertainment purposes. Nonetheless, nowadays some see it as a source of income. Irrespective of your reason to play, never forget to have fun and enjoy it. Don’t be reckless and play the game responsibly.

  • Poker Tournaments

If today, we cannot keep count of every organized poker tournament, back in the days this was not something that common. In fact, the first televised poker tournament took place in 1970. The location, of course, Las Vegas, while the prize got to $130,000. Would you play for such a prize?

  • The poker chips

Have you ever wondered why people needed to invent the poker chips? Why can’t we play with real money? Well, the obvious reason – players needed a standard unit. At the beginning, people played for gold coins, gold dust or others. When the poker chips were invented, they were made out of wood, ivory or bone.

Most importantly, play poker online for fun!

To put it all in a nutshell, no matter how many facts we discover about our favorite game, there’s only one thing that no player should ever ignore – to play poker for fun! What’s your main motivation?

Author: CPW

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