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On Sep 27, 2016,  1:45 pm   by CPW recommends Poker Expert Guide as one of the most trustworthy online poker sources of information.
Why? Let’s take a closer look and see why this site should be on your main list of top frequented sites when it comes to your online gambling strategy.


Not only that it provides a long list of online poker sites where you can enjoy a fascinating gambling experience, but you’ll also get useful tips and tricks, strategies, a free online e-book and more.

Online Poker Sites to try


All the online poker platforms recommended by Poker Expert have been tested and analyzed by a series of poker professionals, as a result, you can be positive that any of them will satisfy your requirements and needs.

Moreover, Poker Expert impresses through its wide variety of recommendations and promotions. So, if you’re looking to stay up-to-date with some of the most impressive sign-up bonuses or must-try poker websites, you can be positive you’ll find everything you need right here.

But this is not all, you can also find site reviews for some of the most important online poker rooms out there. You don’t have to play to test the platform for yourself, does all the hard work for you. Find out the strong and weak points of every site you want to sign up for, before you actually create an account. It’s that easy, just check their reviews!

Get the Poker Expert Guide – strategy you need


From another point of view, by visiting, you’ll get what you need in terms of poker strategy, tactics and techniques. The fresh content posted there and the efficient insights into the world of gambling can help even the newbies better understand what they need to do to become winners too.

To make sure you won’t lose any new piece of info posted there, the site also provides the ability to sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter includes top promotions, Free Poker E-books and news from the industry too! Just take a look and see it for yourself.

Stay informed


The world of poker is full of daily challenges or events you might be interested in. For instance, by visiting you can stay up-to-date with some of the most popular Poker Tournament events and plan your next competitions. Find important details, the buy-ins, the schedule or the rules and regulations of the events too!

A great advertising opportunity


To continue, our series of surprises, make sure you don’t miss the advertising space this site provides too. If you have a gambling site/business or you want to write a guest post, just fill in the contact form at They even have displayed an advertising offer you can attentively study beforehand. Anyway, you can contact them for any proposal you might have.

All in all, no matter what gambling details or info you’re looking to get, check as an important source of poker information. In short, get everything you need in one single place – sites, tips, strategy, recommendations and more.

And keep in mind – ‘ – We guide you to success!’

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