Custom poker chips, gift ideas and more!

On Nov 9, 2016,  11:28 am   by CPW

Either that you’re looking for some last-minute inspiration, for some gift ideas or you’re planning to host some home poker games, then we have something for you. How does the idea of having custom poker chips sound to you? This will surely impress your guests and overcome their expectations! Let’s find out more about poker chips and how you can use them too!

Don’t waste your time anymore with boring gifts, now it’s the time for you to purchase something that will be remembered. The custom poker chips can be your way out of a stressful situation when you don’t know what to buy for a gambler friend. They are what some say the perfect customized gift, and they’re not expensive either.

But, firstly let’s discover some things about poker chips.

Everything about poker chips

Why are chips so important when gambling? Well, most of us might say that chips make the game of poker a lot easier. Just think about how much time you would lose just counting your bills. With chips, it’s all easier. We have colors that just make the game faster and easier.

But what do the colors mean?

Generally speaking, there are some colors, mostly accepted that mean the same thing for everyone.

  • Red – $5 chips
  • Green – $25 chips
  • Black – $100 chips
  • White/blue – $1 casino chips

Hint: Tournament chips may differ in color!

So, we talked about the common chips, but what about Las Vegas casinos, for instance? Now, we’re talking about big casino chips. People here don’t want to waste their time with $5 chips, so we’re talking about $100,000 token or even higher.

Essential tips & tricks

Irrespective of the games you attend, the level or the competition, here are some tips that can make things easier!

Keep your chips organized

A fact is certain, poker requires you to stay organized throughout the entire time. Don’t go with the flow and always try to anticipate. You need to know at all time how many chips you have and how big is your opponents’ stack too. And believe me, you don’t want to always be counting your chips during the game. This is when colors can come in handy.

Be transparent

One of the things novice players and casinos hate the most is when people try to mislead others. One of the most common practices is to hide the black chips behind the stack of smaller chips. Don’t do this or you might just suffer the consequences. Neither does the dealer nor the casino management allows this type of game practices. Try to be transparent and win fairly!

Custom poker chips, a smart idea!

Now, getting back to our topic, the custom poker chips can just be a great idea to impress your poker friends. Either that you are getting ready to surprise some of them, or you’re looking for a great gift idea – the custom poker chips might just be what you’re looking for.

But what to write on them?

  • Something memorable
  • A personalized design
  • An authentic reproduction of some famous casino chips

All in all, no matter what you choose, it will surely be a hit with your friends. Just make up your mind and take a look at our suggestions. Forget about that saying that poker chips are just an accessory. Those times are long gone. Show how passionate you are about poker and get your custom poker chips now!

Author: CPW

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