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On Sep 19, 2016,  10:21 am   by CPW

If you are thinking about starting to play poker online, there are ways to boost your chances at the pot. Let’s get an overview of some poker software and tools that can help you gain an edge over your opponents. How can these programs help? In short, you’ll get an in-depth analysis of the game. Get as much detail as possible before starting to play for real cash and be with one step in front of your opponents.

What poker software to choose?

Here is our list of some of the best tools you can use while playing poker online.


Flopzilla is a software that helps you figure out how to hit a board using a range. It has a superb user interface that enables you to quickly select from several combinations while calculating the odds. It can stand as a solid ground for you to make some profits.
The software has a poker calculator that uses a mathematical formula to analyze the odds of hitting the pot. The software costs about $40.


PokerRanger is one of the most popular poker training software. It can be used both during the game and for tournament analysis too. The software is usually used in calculating equity among several matchups. The software has several features that take equity calculation to the next level based on the opponent’s reactions such as: call, fold and raise. The software also has several tools for hand analysis and graph selection. PokerRanger software costs about $80.

GTO Range builder

Game Theory Optimal is a popular software for its range analysis. Moreover, the program is also famous for the calculation of complex decision trees and equities that result from the analysis based on the game theory principles. You do not need to know the game theory and how it applies in your case. The software does all the work for you. Learning how to apply the game theory into your poker game with GTO is very easy. This software is regarded as the standard software for any serious poker player. The software is offered in different subscription classes starting with $20 per month for the standard version and up to $680 for the pro version.


Combonator is a sleek software from Pokerfuse. It has a great user interface that helps you get in-depth statistics and an array of options too.
The software has a user-friendly functionality at amazing speed and efficiency. You can create the equity as you play; it’s available in seconds. You can also throw your dice in any selection. Moreover, it offers hands-on feedback on possible combinations of your data. The software also gives you a better intuition on the table to help you make the best shot at the pot.

Consider using the poker software for deeper analysis of your poker games. It is especially useful for novice and intermediate poker players. Pro poker players can also get a deeper insight into the games they are playing.

All in all, by choosing any of the above poker software you can increase your chances of success at the poker table. Make sure you research them thoroughly before purchasing any of them. As a result, you’ll have better chances of picking the one suitable to your needs and requirements.

Author: CPW

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