The secrets of Bitcoin Poker Sites

On Nov 18, 2016,  11:43 am   by CPW

The Bitcoin technology is slowly accepted by most gambling sites. Therefore, today we’re going to uncover some of the things you should be aware of when dealing with Bitcoin Poker Sites.

What should you know about bitcoins?

But what’s the Bitcoin? Well, a simple search will unveil that the Bitcoin is a type of digital currency, a virtual currency that operates independently from a bank. It’s increasing in popularity because it allows players to withdraw faster their earnings, without the need to wait several weeks in a row.

The Bitcoin is said to have been invented back in 2009 and has slowly grown to be accepted by some important poker sites. Why? Well, just take into account the numerous advantages:

  • Instant payment
  • Faster transactions
  • Play from anywhere, at any time
  • No need to divulge sensitive information

Why do Bitcoin Poker Sites grow in popularity?

The so-called e-wallets allow players to fasten up the payment process. Both the payment and the withdrawal process is user-friendly and is sure to grow in the online market. More and more online poker sites accept nowadays bitcoins.

betonline bitcoin poker

One of the most popular sites that accept the Bitcoin payment processing is – BetOnline Poker, the largest US poker room. Don’t believe it’s the only site, just check your favorite online poker provider if it supports this type of payment too.

So, let’s get down to business. How can the Bitcoin technology help you while playing online poker? Well, you should know that there are 3 main types of sites where bitcoins are accepted:

  • Bitcoin-Only Sites (don’t accept any other type of currency)
  • Bitcoin as a Payment Option (just like any other credit card or PayPal)
  • Bitcoin as a Deposit Option (through Netteller)

A perfect Bitcoin Poker Strategy

Still, what makes the Bitcoin payment so special? You can basically make anonymous deposits and withdrawals fast. What’s even more exciting – you can sell your bitcoins in exchange for real money.

What do you have to do? Have a Bitcoin Wallet installed on your hard drive and know how to use it. Don’t worry, it’s easier that it seems. After all, the Bitcoin Wallet allows you to spend, gamble and transfer finances online.

Choose BetOnline as your Bitcoin Poker Site

BetOnline is one of the few sites out there that values its clients to such an extent it always tries to provide all the optimal solutions that its clients require. As a result, there should be no surprise when telling you that this site accepts bitcoins as well.

Using bitcoins doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play your favorite games or use your own poker strategy. Not at all! You just have to find the sites that accept bitcoins. What’s even more important – search for the legal Bitcoin Poker Sites! Take your time and don’t rush with this fairly new technology in order not to have unfortunate experiences.


To sum everything up, gambling at Bitcoin Poker Sites is legal. Read the terms and conditions of each site and make sure you pick a trusted one. You can become a poker expert too. Good luck and fingers crossed!

Note: You may have noticed the ‘Bitcoin’ and ‘bitcoin’ spelling. Well, it is said that ‘Bitcoin’ (with a capital letter stands for the technology/software). While the ‘bitcoin’ (with a lowercase) stands for the currency, just like 1 cent, 2 cents.

Author: CPW

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