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Who wouldn’t remember Gus Hansen and his success in the early years of the poker boom? He used to be one of the poker stars that made a fortune from poker tournaments… But how did things evolve or him? After experiencing a real success as a gambler, playing with some of the biggest names in the history, Gus Hansen had to overcome a difficult time. And here we’re talking about a series of big online losses… Over these years he chose to stay in the shade, reflect upon the things that happened, and planned a new return. Let’s find out more about this legend!

Gus Hansen, The Great Dane!

In short, this professional gambler has his origins in Danmark, he won 1 WSOP bracelet, 3 World Poker Tour Titles and was one of the winners of the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament.

When thinking about the poker boom, you automatically think about Gus Hansen too. In the early years, he proved to be such a representative figure that he got a Full Tilt sponsorship and got to sell an online poker site to Betfair.

His success story

Gus met success as a tennis player when he was a kid. His ambition and desire to make money from a sport helped him obtain the mental strength all gamblers are trying to get. Later, this mental strength helped him become the fearful poker player we all know. He was born in 1974 and only became a pro poker player in 1997.

The financial nightmare

Unfortunately, Gus lost a fortune in online gambling, more than any other registered player – $20 million. However, his courageous way of playing his cards made him an enjoyable player to watch in tournament games. It is true, he is said to have won only half of the amount he lost in online poker – $10 million.

But what’s his opinion? What made him lose so much? Well, apparently it is the poor game selection! So, let’s all learn something from this. The first step in a successful poker career is to identify the games where you have real chances of winning, and only then start investing money.

Gus Hansen, a TV Star

Gus turns out to be more than a simple lucky poker player. He is also a TV celebrity appearing in several shows. And here we’re talking about: High States Poker, Professional Poker Tour and Poker After Dark.

What’s more, he turns out to be a great writer too. He proved himself in the book he published –  ‘Every Hand Revealed’. The book summarized the hands he played in his Aussie Millions Main Event victory. Why should you get it too? You’ll be able to discover his secrets and what made him a winner. In a few words, understand his gambling principles and see the poker world through his eyes. This must be interesting!

Final words

All in all, things seem to have changed for Gus, as he attentively plans his big return. If in 2015 he stated that he wants to take a break, in 2016 he began attending some poker events. How do you think 2017 will be for Gus? We’re guessing he will be the surprise of the year! Let’s see him gamble again!

Author: CPW

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