Freddy Deeb: The profile of a poker player

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Freddy Deeb or Kassem “Freddy” Deeb as some may know him, is one of the noteworthy poker players you have to hear about. He managed to build a career from his gambling passion, wisely speculating upon his competitors’ mistakes. Let’s learn more about a talented gambler and his ambition to thrive in another country but his native one.

One of the most recognizable names on the poker stage when it comes to making real sacrifices to overcome language and cultural barriers is indeed Freddy Deeb. With a rough start and a real desire to make money in order to be able to remain in the US, Freedy turned out to be an ambitious player with a lot of goals to achieve. He proves himself to be a great poker player! Let’s see why…

Freddy Deeb – The start of something big!

Being an immigrant at the age of 19, Freddy found the way to success a little bit more difficult than the rest of his opponents. But what pushed him to immigrate? It is said that he came to the US with the hope of a better life, as Lebanon, his home country was in a civil war at that time.

He came to enroll in the mechanical engineering program at Utah State University but shortly decided that the life as a pro poker player is what he needed at that time to survive.

Being short on money, he was forced to abandon school just before graduation, to earn money to support himself. Due to his student visa, he was not able to get a job, and one of his only solutions was to gamble for money. He went to Nevada where he started building his career. The start was difficult, but he managed to become one of the top most successful poker players.

Freddy or Fast Freddy

Freddy Deeb, also known as Fast Freddy became famous for his colorful patterned shirts. Even Phil Ivey noticed this in 2003 at the WSOP events stating that – “Must be the shirt.” Back then Freddy pulled out some lucky cards and impressed everyone at the table.

His biggest winnings? In short, he won 2 WSOP bracelets that helped him push his limits and make a lifestyle of gambling. Here are his winnings:

  • 1996 – $146,250 – Tournament: $5,000 Deuce to Seven Draw
  • 2007 – $2,276,832 – Tournament: $50,000 H.O.R.S.E.

A cash game player

He often says that he considers himself more a cash game player than a tournament player. Why? Because he finds these prizes easier to conquer.

The unpredictable moves, the unique strategy and the intriguing skills helped Freddy make a noteworthy name in the world of poker. He loves to play and everyone can easily notice this.

However, in the last few years, Freddy seems to be more and more absent from the poker stage. He only takes part in fewer competitions, and he hasn’t registered any significant winnings like he used to. For instance, in 2015, he only took part in 2 competitions and registered winnings of $383,090.  Is this the Freddy you know? Tell us your opinion!

Author: CPW

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