Phil Laak, the ‘Unabomber’ in Poker!

On Feb 21, 2017,  11:21 am   by CPW

In our attempt to study some of the most popular poker players around, we couldn’t miss mentioning Phil Laak, the Unabomber. If you haven’t heard about him as a pro poker player, then you must have at least seen him on TV. But, let’s analyze his poker profile! He can be a source of inspiration.


Phil Laak is an Irish-American poker player with 6 career titles and more than $2 million in winnings. What’s more? He holds even a Guinness World Record of Poker Endurance, participating in the longest registered poker marathon – 115 hours, held at the Bellagio venue in Vegas.

How it all started

Contrary to what everyone believes, things weren’t always easy for Phil. He started playing and learning poker from the early ages, however, he was not always conscious of his real talent and skills in gambling. He was born in Ireland but came to the US to study and obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Did he start earning his living from poker? No! He tried at first ‘usual jobs’ such as being an engineer, a day taker and even an investor. But things didn’t quite turn out the way he planned. Until one day, the idea of being a pro poker player came up. He tried his luck and succeeded in what we see today – a winner!

Impressive results

Apart from attending some of the most important events in the poker world, Phil Laak has also some important achievements. We’ll just name some of the most important ones:

  • 2004: World Series of Poker title
  • 2005: The William Hill Tournament Grand Prix event
  • 2009: The PartyPoker World Open V
  • 2010: He won a WSOP Europe bracelet

His personal life

The fact that Phil Laak spends most of his time surrounded by poker players is not a novelty anymore. So, finding a girlfriend that also plays poker at a professional level was something natural for him. He is in a relationship with the talented Jennifer Tilly and one of his best friends is said to be Antonio Esfandiari. What’s more, he even has a TV show called ‘I bet you’ with Antonio Esfandiari. This show is actually a reality show where the two players show their skills and their extravagant lifestyle.

Phil Laak and his nickname

Another debated topic with regard to Phil is his nickname. Everyone wonders where he got it. But by looking at least at one of his performances, the answer will strike you. He always wears a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses, just like Theodore Kaczynski, who was known as the Unabomber.

The elite of Pro Players

Taking all into consideration, it’s safe to say that Phil Laak is part of the best poker players around. He knows how to take advantage of his skills, he knows how to speculate opportunities and most importantly he knows when to make a brave move. His results sustain this idea…

Here’s a video with him playing his cards. Enjoy!

Phil Laak is pursuing happiness!

Author: CPW

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