What should you know about a poker run?

On Dec 16, 2016,  7:40 am   by CPW

We’ve all heard about so many types of poker events, but one keeps taking by surprise so many out there. Have you ever heard about Poker Run Events? What do you know about them? What are the rules? Today, we’re going to uncover some of the secrets of this type of events and see why they’ve become so popular nowadays.

One of the poker events that seems to attract more and more gamblers from all over the world is the Poker Run Events. Whether is the unique way of getting the cards, the fact that you can spend time with your friends or the excitement of not knowing who’s the winner until all the players get their cards, these events seem to bring something new to the gambling table.

But what makes them so different from the other poker events? Let’s discover together…

What are the Poker Run events?

The Poker Run events are races where players compete with each other by racing to collect cards from a certain route.

These events may include cars, motorcycles, horses, snowmobiles and even boats. Depending on the event, the winner can be chosen based only on the best hand ranking, while others based on a combination between the hand ranking and the arrival time.

But don’t get things wrong – this is normally not a speed race, so the time of the arrival doesn’t usually matter…

What make these events so special?

The excitement of racing against other players by car or other means of transportation, brings to the table a new face of your favorite game – poker.

Usually, there is no entrance fee as this is an organized event for fun only. However, there are also cases in which an entrance fee is set for charitable purposes – the winner donating his/her prize to a certain cause. No matter how you take it, these events are something special.

What’s more, usually at each checkpoint players can find food, non-alcoholic beverage or all sorts of entertainment, as part of the event.

What are the stages of the race?

In short, players have to follow a certain route and pick one card at each Poker Run Stop. There are five to seven checkpoints. At the end of the race, the players reveal their cards and the first 3 best hands win.


While in traditional poker games, the winner is the most skilled player, here things are a little bit different. Why? Well, here we’re talking about chance, as players draw their cards and reveal them at the end of the race. Even though the event has a time limit, players don’t lose points if getting in last.

The largest event?

As there is no limit when it comes to the number of players, Guinness has established a world record for these events too. It happened in 2009 when 2,136 motorcyclists participated in this event. The prize was given to the Fallen Firefighter Survivors Foundation. Amazing, right?

All in all, if you want to take part in a different type of poker event, the poker runs are a great way to entertain yourself. You will surely remember these types of events!

Author: CPW

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