Professional gambling: theory vs practice

On Oct 25, 2016,  1:14 pm   by CPW

Forget about luck, it has nothing to do with gambling, especially with professional gambling. In fact, professional gambling is all about self-education, strategy and a lot of hard work.

Needless to say how many players just want to discover the shortest way to success in gambling. Why not earn your living from what you like the most – play poker? If others do it, why can’t you? Let’s discuss some of the burning issues closely related to professional gambling.

Success vs Failure

One can’t help but wonder – how can I get to become not just a pro gambler, but a successful one? Well, answering this question is no easy task. It’s not just like you follow some basic guidelines and that’s all. Following the footsteps of some successful gamblers is not a sure way either. Practice and theory may not go hand in hand sometimes. But, don’t panic, we’re here to help!

Trusting your intuition, a safe way?

When reaching the pro level, it’s not anymore about the gut feeling. Going with your gut might just be the mistake so many make. Here, it’s more about statistics, math and probabilities. The pressure is high, so you might just be tempted to make irrational moves if you just go with your gut. If you’re here to make money, then you should avoid doing it, instead chose realistic thinking.


Some of the characteristics you have to develop?

  • Self-disciplined: keep your cool when things go wrong and never lose your focus
  • Pragmatic: there is no place left here for superstitious persons
  • Analytical: if you don’t like exact odds, math and probabilities, then gambling is not for you!

From another point of view, professional gambling is also about not being influenced by the results. As hard as this might sound, your next move should not be influenced by the prior result. That is to say, keep your core interest in testing one single strategy at a time and don’t be influenced by any ups and downs. It’s all part of the game!

Is professional gambling for everyone?

Of course, not! Sometimes gambling should be kept at the amateur level if you don’t want to go bankrupt. Only some can convert their passion for gambling into their main job. What’s the typical profile? Those who are ready to invest a lot of time and patience, those who can take risks and chances too. However, the huge number of examples out there can motivate even the most pessimistic players. If you’re ready for an emotional roller coaster then maybe professional gambling is indeed the right thing for you!

One of the toughest professions…

As any other job out there, this one has both pros and cons. Making a living will require a lot of time, dedication and most importantly patience! It can become your dream come true, but you should know that it comes with risks. One day you might be up, the next day down. There is no right or wrong when it comes to thinking about this seriously, however, you should really take your time before deciding to quit your day job to become a pro gambler!

Author: CPW

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