Sam Farha and his poker skills

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Our list of the most successful poker players continues… And today we’re going to discover the secrets of Sam Farha, a pro poker player who has managed to win three WSOP bracelets so far. He is also known as Sammy or Mister Cool and there is no wonder why… In short, he is a real poker talent and we all have something to learn from his experience. Let’s take a look at how his confidence can save the day…

The WSOP Bracelets

One of the biggest events Sam Farha attended was in 2003 at the WSOP events when he finished second. The winner at the table was  Chris Moneymaker.

But, Sam also got his rewards, here are his bracelets:

1996: He won ~ $145,000 at the $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha w/Rebuys

2006: He won ~ $398,000 at the $5,000 Omaha Hi-Lo

2010: He won ~$488,200 at the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better Championship

Sam Farha – Net Worth

Being a successful professional poker player, Sam knows how money can be made. Thus, studies show that his overall net worth gets up to $100 million. But do you want to know the best part? Most of his money comes from poker tournaments. So, yes, it is possible!

His life and the poker beginnings

Sam Farha immigrated to the US when he was a teenager and when the Lebanese Civil War started in his home country. Since then he has tried to adapt to a new culture and graduated from the University of Kansas. He has a license in business administration.

After graduation, he moved to be with his brother in Houston, Texas and only one year later his poker story began. He found in poker something more than just a source of income. He found the source of inspiration, he desperately needed. At this point he decided he knew what his life will be all about – he quitted his day job and became a dedicated poker player.


When talking about Sam Farha we cannot ignore his unique habit. Even though he is not a smoker, he has the so-called ‘Lucky cigarette’ always with him. At key moments in his poker competitions, he keeps his lucky cigarette in his mouth without actually lighting it. It’s what brings him luck!

His poker profile

If you ever have to compete against Sam, then you definitely have something to worry about. His aggressive player profile scared even the most experienced gamblers out there. He always has some jokes prepared, but he also has a strategy that it’s definitely hard to beat.

Moreover, his experience and his ‘poker face’ helps him a lot.  Do you want to know his secrets? If so, then you should know that his game intelligence, poker knowledge and strong personality are the key elements that define Sam Farha.

Here’s another video to see him in action:

Food for thought

Who said that instincts should be forgotten when dealing with important tournaments? Sam Farha is the proof that sometimes it is better just to follow your intuition. In fact, gambling specialists state that for Sam the chips do not represent money, but tools that allow him to dominate the table and use his aggressive player profile. He actually got pretty good at this! What do you think?

Author: CPW

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