Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club – Review

On Feb 14, 2017,  11:20 am   by CPW

The Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club (DTD) is the Home of UK Poker. This exquisite poker club is one of the most popular poker clubs in Nottingham, UK, and there is no wonder why. The entertaining environment, the great prizes and the party-like vibe can make any gambler wish to come for more.

The place is known as the largest European poker room, hosting numerous events too, including Pokerstars UK or Ireland Poker Tour. There are 45 tables that can welcome 450 players at the same time.

Dusk Till Dawn Poker – A must-see location!

Describing this place to its true value might turn out to be challenging. The select location, together with the services provided can make any guest leave with a great impression.

The place offers a bar where you can relax in between your poker sessions. Here you can enjoy a relaxing music, together with a wide range of dishes and refined drinks. If you’re not accustomed to a glamorous place, then maybe the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club is not the perfect location for you. But, if you’re into poker, then this is definitely a must-see!

Poker Membership

To understand how selective this place is with its guests – you must know that you need to be a member to be able to enter the location and enjoy all the benefits. But, don’t worry, the membership is free and you can get your own card by signing up on their website.

Other details

This poker club opens Monday – Sunday from 7.30 pm to 3.00 am. You will permanently be able to keep track of the poker tournament clock, the schedule and other essential information, as the place is high-tech having numerous plasmas on the walls. In addition, the valet services and the friendly staff can always serve you with the best beverage and snacks.

From another point of view, at Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club you’ll find 10 Gaming Machines, 1 Electronic Roulette and the Restaurant is ‘A la carte’, so mind the outfit you choose. In fact, there were not few the situations where players couldn’t enter the location due to their sports outfit. The outfit required here is Smart – Casual.

Games and Location

In terms of the games you can play here, we have to mention that some of the most popular ones are: Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Slots, Roulette, Craps and others.

The location, as said before is perfect even for players who are not from the area. It’s 20 minutes away from the airport. What’s more, when there are organized poker tournaments, there’s a shuttle that travels to and from the airport. You can also get here by car, as there is a spacious parking space available too.


All in all, the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club is a great site to visit at least once in a lifetime, if you’re into poker and happen to be in Europe. The numerous and important events held here together with the professional staff and the games played guarantee you’ll have a great poker experience. Enjoy!

Author: CPW

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